Current Updates

Information covered at our most recent Coalition Meetings:
December 10th, 2018 Update

1.  2019 House Committee Assignments — shows all the committee chairs and members.
2019 House committee assignments 

2.  Annual taxes Lost document is my dynamic analysis of Tax revenue LOOSES by taxing ALL military income!!!  There are 2 questions to ask:  What is different in Michigan that causes them to loose only 10.8% of their veteran population over the last 5 years compared to Indiana’s 16.5%????   Why does Indiana only have 4.4% of their veteran population as retirees when Indiana has the 16th largest veteran population at almost 410K and Maryland who ranks 16th in retiree population has 8.1% of their veterans who are retirees?
The annual taxes lost because of the Indiana Military Tax Policy – Michigan

3.  Army Struggles– recruiting in Midwest missing goals– could it mean draft for Army is in the future???
Army struggles with soldier shortage as recruiters miss goals

4.  Workforce programs— Indiana continues to focus of fixing the wrong problem– having workers trained in the right skills.  They look for the future which will take 5 to 10 years to change.  In the meantime,  we need MORE workers!!!! Why not recruit from military those who are leaving in the next 6 months!!
Workforce programs to be tightened

5. Army Battles– similar to #3 above.
Army battles to reverse drop in recruit totals from Midwest

6.  Value of vets in workforce—- ties to #4 above.
The Value of Veterans in the Civilian Workforce

7.  Commentary: Here is why hiring vets….  — ties to #4 above.
Commentary Hiring Veterans

8.  AP News–  WI spending $$$MILLIONS to recruit vets– how much is Indiana spending?????? $0?????
AP NEWS 082418 WISC launches Veteran recruiting campaign

9. Hoosier Lottery— They got big bonus!!!  Indiana go over $4MILLION “BONUS” also– funds could be used to pay for County Veteran Services Officers Salary at $43K per year  for full time!
Hoosier Lottery (2)

10.  FY2018 Reversions— $$$$$MILLIONS NOT spend from budget in just the last year–  We don’t want to grow money in the budget to fund our legislative agenda — just add mission to fund out of existing budgeted funds in future budgets.

11.  IN Tax Collections— Just because we missed goals in some previous months– ALL IS MADE UP AND MORE THAT THE PROJECTIONS!
Indiana Tax Collections Have Best Month In Current Budget Cycle (6)

12.  Obama— Indiana set to get a $95MILLION refund that is NOT calculated in anything shown!  Remember Governor Holcomb came up with $50MILLION for DCS overnight when he press exposed the problems with child protective services!!!  Where did that money come from and did the legislators direct that?  OR, did Governor act on his own?
Obamacare Court Ruling Could Deliver 95MILLION to IN (2)