Legislative Goals

TCMVI works to promote legislation favorable to the support of veteran’s issues at all levels of government. Our legislative goals, past and present, are below.

We are not done promoting our military and veterans initiatives. This was just the start.”

That’s what Governor Eric Holcomb said at the NGAI (a Coalition member) conference in French Lick regarding his Military Tax Plan and support of veteran’s initiatives. Governor Holcomb told us that he appreciates all the support from The Military / Veterans Coalition and our 73 organizations.  Joining with the American Legion, AMVETS (Coalition member), DAV, and VFW (Coalition member) we gave Governor Holcomb the support he asked for during the 2017 General Assembly and presented a solid, unified message!

THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO CALL-EMAIL.  Almost 30,000 calls and emails were sent to the General Assembly!  This was overwhelming and greatly influenced the final outcome.  Our message that “Hoosier Veterans” ARE a great investment the state should make is starting to catch hold and resulted in some solid wins.

– The Indiana General Assembly passed more fiscal military and veteran friendly legislation in 2017 than they have in many recent years combined.
– The most significant effort, retired military pay exemption, was led personally by Governor Holcomb. While that effort was not a “total victory,” a strong message was conveyed to the legislature that our military and veteran members are an economic investment the state should be making. If we were a “big business,” we’d be the best return on investment the state could make.

We have started our 2018 Legislative agenda and will provide to the Governor so we can continue to work together for the 2018 General Assembly. The dynamics and personalities will be different, as it is an election year, and now our legislator’s know the military and veteran population is engaged.

Thank you for being part of our “GRASS ROOTS” Team!  If you have ideas on legislation—please let us know!

2018 goals for legislation

2018 Legislative Goals Flyer Version 2
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2018  Legislative Goals Version 4
MILVET-2018 Goals v4

2018 Legislative Goals Version 4 – Short Form
2018 Legislative Agenda V4 09102017 short form

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