Legislative Goals

TCMVI works to promote legislation favorable to the support of veteran’s issues at all levels of government. Our legislative goals, past and present, are below.

2020 Legislative Goals V6 posted on 7/10/19
2020 Legislative Agenda V6 07102019 Long form

Revisions to the General Fund posted 7/16/19
Revisions General Fund

General Fund Revisions by Agency posted 7/16/19

2019 goals for legislation
2019 Legislative Agenda V1

The Coalition has developed a new approach and a series of presentations based  on the number 2 need for Indiana is finding qualified individuals to fill  the job requirements of the future.  Indiana has a major shortage of  individuals in this area which is having a negative impact of getting additional high level jobs brought in.  A major resource is our veterans.  Governor Holcomb and others now recognize this important resource to help fill the gap.

Arkansas Veterans Coalition Presentation (basis of our approach)
Arkansas Veterans Coalition PDF
Arkansas Powerpoint

Raising Indiana Family Prosperity (an overview of our approach)
Raising Indiana Family Prosperity talking points


Cappello-Veterans-Report-FINAL (1)

FINAL (1) GDX 2016 vs 2015 state level analysis v2 (8) LEADERSHIP

PRESENTATION (1) October Summer Study Testimoney

Summer Study on VSOs

Goals 2018
2018 Legislative Goals Flyer Version 2
2018 Flyer V2 09102017 (1)

2018  Legislative Goals Version 5
2018 Legislative Agenda V5 10042017 wo legislators

2018 Legislative Goals Version 5 – Short Form
2018 Legislative Agenda V5 10042017 short form (1)

Goals 2015
Goals 2014
Goals 2013
Goals 2012
Goals 2011
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