Drug Addiction Treatment

Included are articles related to drug addiction treatment:

Veterans’ Justice and Mental Health Newsletter, May 2018

Substance Abuse, posted 10/10/17

Opiod Addiction and Substance Abuse help with HBOT
Press release on HBOT for addiction

Its Not Your Fault – Oxygen 8 Addiction

Hyperbaric Chamber Eases Drug Withdrawal Symptoms
Hyperbaric chamber eases drug withdrawal symptoms

HBOT Profound  Importance to Opiate Detox
New US Study Findings- HBOT is PROFOUND IMPORTANCE to Opiote Detox

Higher Suicide Risk with Opiate Use
Higher Risk With Opioid Use

Indiana Facts on Suicides
Indiana-Facts-2017 on Suicide

Amid the Opiate Crisis
AmidsttheOpioidCrisisPPT022217FINALREV-1 (1)

HBOT: Its about Oxygen Saturation (PowerPoint)
Drug reduction 64%

Effect of HBOT on Mice Withdrawn from Drugs for Long Period
Job Fair Community Flyer 2 (1)

Major Benefits of NAD IV Therapy
6 Major Benefits of NAD IV Therapy (4)

Castle Craig Story
Castle Craig story 2010

Ethanol Withdrawal in Mice Precipitates HBOT Exposure
Alcohol withdraw study with HBOT

Russian Use of HBOT for Drug Abuse
Russian use of HBO for drug abuse