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2020 GDX State Analysis with rankings V2 added 7/8/2021
GDX state analysis with rankings V2

GDX FY 18 Data
Indiana continues near the bottom of the states that receive earned veterans benefits because other states fund outreach and veteran service officers better than Indiana does.  Indiana now ranks 45th with only Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey below Indiana. Indiana needs 13,635 additional veterans receiving VA earned benefits to meet the federal guidelines of 36%.  Indiana lost about $297.5 MILLION last year in “new revenue” coming to the state because Indiana was short these veterans receiving the benefits they earned through their volunteer service.  Indiana’s population continues to decline as most states in the nation drop also.  Indiana lost 8,766 veterans between 2018 and 2017; about 3,000 left the state and the other died.  Indiana’s veteran population is estimated at the beginning of 2018 to be 401,070.  Veterans receiving earned benefits from the VA brought in almost $2.86 BILLION between 2017 and 2018 making veterans one of the largest “businesses” in the state!

Publications GDX 2018 vs 2017 state level analysis v1 related to the Geographic Distribution of the Department of Veterans Affairs Expenditures.

State GDX_FY18 after adjustment taken out

County GDX of FY18 with adjustment

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VTC based upon vet population in IN