Index : Where to find information

Listed below is an Index or where to find some of the key information on this website.

  • Legislative goals ….and previous goals
  • Bills of Interest …..and prior years successes.
  • Veterans Information Menu

    1.  HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment) articles
    2.  Drug Addiction Treatment articles
    3.  GDX statistics (Geographic data published by the VA) articles
    4.  Veteran Reports by the VA articles

  • Legislative Goals Menu: Our Indiana State Legislation goals for the upcoming session
  • Bills of Interest Menu: Indiana State Bills of Interest for the upcoming session
  • Mission Menu: Listing of our member organizations
  • Upcoming Events and Events Calendar Menu: Upcoming Events (primarily in Central Indiana)
  • Coalition News Menu: Minutes of our monthly Coalition meetings
  • Contact your Elected Officials Menu: Links to find and contact your elected officials