Index: Where to find site information

Listed below is where you can find some of the key information on this website.

  • Our Mission: Our Mission and Vision, listing of our member organizations, our leadership, how to become a member organization or subscriber.
  • Veterans Information:
    1.  HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment) articles
    2.  Drug Addiction Treatment articles
    3.  GDX statistics (Geographic data published by the VA) articles
    4.  Veteran Reports by the VA articles
  • Legislative Goals: Current Indiana State Legislation goals for the upcoming session, and records of past goals
  • Bills of Interest: Indiana State Bills and Federal Bills of Interest
  • Upcoming Events and Events Calendar: Upcoming Events (primarily in Central Indiana) in a list and calendar form
  • Coalition News: Minutes of our monthly Coalition meetings
  • Contact your Elected Officials: Links to find and contact your elected officials