Become a Member Organization

TMVCI welcomes organizations that support military, retiree, surviving spouses, and / or veteran’s issues, or that actively support these groups and their families, to become members. There is no charge or fee to be a member, but members are strongly urged to actively support the legislative goals of TMVCI and to agree to the following membership participation rules.

After you have read the following, you can fill out the online Membership Application form at the bottom of this page. Someone will then contact you with further information.

Rules for Becoming a Member Organization of TMVCI

  1. Your organization must support the military, retirees, surviving spouses, veterans or their families in some way.
  2. Your organization must supply at least two (2) representatives.
  3. Your organization can send (if desired) representatives and / or members to TMVCI monthly meetings.
  4. Your organization can participate in the annual Military / Retiree / Veterans Info Fair held the first Saturday after Veterans Day (November 11).
  5. Your organization can submit recommendations and suggestions on legislation changes or additions to the Indiana Code currently in force. TMVCI will publish a list of legislative goals annually.
  6. Your organization must notify, in writing or via email, if they DO NOT agree with any of TMVCI Legislative Goals. Non-agreement must include the reason(s) why they disagree. TMVCI will tell legislators of your organization’s non-agreement and why, if requested.
  7. Your organization must communicate to its membership the TMVCI Legislative Goals and appropriate communications as directed, unless the organization notifies TMVCI leadership otherwise.
  8. Your organization is encouraged to promote the activities of TMVCI.
  9. Your organization is encouraged to tell TMVCI about upcoming relevant activities and items of interest so they can be publicized across all member organizations.
  10. Your organization is encouraged to actively participate in, and promote, TMVCI principles. These principles are to Advocate, Celebrate and Educate (ACE). Advocating is seeking legislation to be adopted in the Indiana General Assembly. Celebrating deals with special activities undertaken, such as having the Colonel H. Weir Cook Memorial designed, built and installed at the Indianapolis international Airport. Educating involves communicating to your members and the public information about those we serve. An example could be setting up a booth at the annual information fair on the Saturday after Veterans Day, where you pass out flyers and membership forms about your organization and what your organization does.

NOTE: Membership is FREE and there are no financial commitments made by any member of TMVCI.