Why We Matter

The Military / Veterans Coalition of Indiana (TMVCI) is an “ACE” organization.

“A”dvocate in Indiana for Hoosiers and their families connected to our military. They get things done at the Indiana General Assembly! For example: we want  ALL veterans to be eligible for The Military Family Relief Fund.

“C”elebrate  Hoosier Heroes by promoting their successes. The best and most visible example can be found at the Indianapolis International Airport. TMVCI pushed to get the terminal and road leading into the airport named. TMVCI  designed, commissioned, raised all the money and worked with the Airport Authority to erect a 7 foot tall bronze statue of Col H. Weir Cook.

“E” deals with educating the public about the contributions and needs of our military, veterans, retirees, surviving spouses and their families. Many Hoosiers (and travelers to Indianapolis) have never heard of Col H. Weir Cook, and they have no idea what he did for Indiana. At the airport, on either side of the bronze Cook statue, are signs that tell his story — educating all who see them.